Register for Pee Wee Teeball

The weather has turned for the better, so it’s time to get outside and enjoy it! If you’re looking for the perfect summer activity to get your little one outdoors and moving around, Pee Wee Teeball is here. Hosted by the Norwalk Parks and Recreation Department, Pee Wee Teeball is a great introduction to the game of baseball for Kindergarteners. This fun, casual league involves two weeks of practices followed by four weeks of games. Your little one will receive a t-shirt and a laid-back education in baseball. You only need a glove to participate. If you’re excited about the program but don’t have a kindergartener, there are opportunities to volunteer as a coach! You can still sign up today, May 18th. Any sign ups after today will come with a $15 late registration fee. This is going to be the best summer ever!


All games and practices will take place at the Norwalk-McAninch Sports Complex.


Standard Registration ends today. The program will begin June 25th and run for the next six weeks, weather permitting. Practice and game slots are at 6 and 7 PM.


The cost for this program is $46 for residents, and $52.90 for non residents. There is also a $15 late fee for registrations after May 18th.

To Learn More

To learn more you can check out this instructional sheet, or visit the Norwalk Parks and Recreation webpage.

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