Invite Illumination at the Be Light Event

Everyone wants to feel positive about the outlook of their life and their family’s well being. For those who want to explore and celebrate their faith, the Heartland Church is presenting an incredible event this weekend that the whole family can appreciate. The “Be Light” is an awesome opportunity to connect with your faith, worship, and illuminate the areas of your life where you feel some darkness. With a fantastic slate of guest speakers each focusing on an aspect of life, this day-long event will provide a comprehensive experience for all who attend. Get excited about your chance to invite light into every facet of life on Saturday, March 10th.


The Be Light event will take place at the Heartland Church in Ankeny, IA on Saturday, March 10th. The event runs from 9:30 AM until 10:00 PM.


Everyone is welcome to attend the event. There will be guest speakers like Tracy Fox focusing on business, Jamie Galloway focusing on prophetic purpose in the world, and Rick Pino leading worship sessions. This is an excellent chance to gain some perspective from some out-of-town voices.


Tickets for the Be Light event range from $15 to $55. You can find more information about the event itself, as well as purchase tickets at the Eventbrite webpage.

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